VBS 2014

Student Ministry exists to develop students of influence.

Biblical standards are essential for believers to create a sustaining influence on unsaved friends. We will not only teach these standards but encourage students to develop personal standards, and live by them.

Prioritizing ones own spiritual health over their friend’s is necessary in the process of becoming an influential Christian. We will focus on maintaining effective accountability relationships with Christian students.

Acceptance is one of the strongest desires that teenagers face. To be accepted means to be loved. We will teach our students to love and accept eveyone thus gaining the influence that is needed to point them to the love and acceptance of God.

Gaining influence and knowing when to use that influence can be very complex. Students must know when to share the truth of Christ and be willing to wait on the Holy Spirit. We long for our students to develop this wisdom to reach those who are lost around them.

We believe these priniciples, if applied, will allow our students to build lasting relationships with their peers, often unbelievers, pointing them to Christ.


Please email Jamee Emo with any questions. info@takethejourney.net